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Before we can get you logged in, we need to first explain the XTruLink user roles. The XTruLink system has two different types of users - Administrators and Standard users. Users can be viewed and managed from the XTruLink Dashboard by navigating to System -> Users


Administrators have full access to the XTruLink backend. These users can run reports, view orders & constituents, and modify the settings of the Point of Sale Stations and Kiosks. These users can also add and remove other users. The first user added into the system (by XTruLink during account setup) will be the System Owner. This user cannot be modified or deleted by anyone. To transfer the System Owner flag to a different user, please contact XTruLink support. Administrators are back-end users only and can not log into the Point of Sale, Scanner, or Kiosk stations.

To create an Administrator User, click the Add User button on the top right of the Users Page. Enter the users Full Name, Title, and E-Mail Address. The user will be sent an e-mail asking them to set their password.

Standard Users

Standard users are Point of Sale, Scanner, and Kiosk users. These users can log into the XTruLink stations and perform sales, scan memberships, and asset with kiosk transactions. All activity for these users is logged and can be viewed from the reporting section.

To create an Standard User, click the Add User button on the top right of the Users Page. Select Standard User and then enter the users full name, desired username, and password. Usernames will always begin with your Site Code followed by a dash. Once created the user is available for immediate use.

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