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View Your Messages

In XTruLink, Messages refer to the texts and emails sent to your customers. These are either receipts or custom messages sent after order confirmation. You can view or make changes to these communications from Main Menu > Cloud Setup > Messages.

By default, your system contains two standard messages: an email receipt and a text receipt.

Default messages cannot be deleted from your system.

Add a New Message

  1. From Main Menu > Cloud Setup > Messages, click Add Message
  2. Enter your message name and select the type (email or receipt).
  3. You will be directed to the message editor where you can add/edit content.

Add Order Fields

You might want to add relevant order details to your messages. To view available fields, click on View Variables from the message editor. You may copy-and-paste any variable directly into the body of your message.

Edit Message Formatting (Emails Only)

If you selected email, you will see a variety of basic formatting options in the built-in editor. You also have the ability to edit the HTML Source Code directly from Tools > Source Code. 

If you'd like to change the outbound email address on all emails sent from XTruLink, please see this article.

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