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Notice: This Legacy Text Messaging feature is deprecated and will be removed from the system in 2023 (date pending). Please try out the new Recurring and Scheduled Messages features to setup Text Messaging.

The Text Messaging feature in XTruLink allows you to create, schedule, and send text messages to groups of people based on membership or event affiliation. The first step is to create a Distribution List.

Distribution Lists

To create a Distribution List, go to Text Messaging -> Distribution Lists. Here you will find the lists you have created and the estimated delivery count for each one. To create a new list, click Create List.

Give your list a title (so you can find it later) and select what type of list this will be (Member or Event).

Event Lists

For an Event List, select your event program, then select how you want to generate your list. You can generate a list of people who have tickets for events within a Range, or those with tickets to a Specific Event. To generate your list, click Update List.

Member Lists

For a Members List, select your member program and level, then select how you want to filter your list. You can filter by membership status, expiration, and primary member only.

Save Your List

When you are done making changes and updating your list, be sure to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

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