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Notice: This Legacy Text Messaging feature is deprecated and will be removed from the system on November 1st, 2022. Please try out the new Recurring and Scheduled Messages features to setup Text Messaging.

To create and schedule a new text message, go to Text Messaging -> Create Message.  This page will display a list of messages that are being prepared to send. To create a new message, click Create Message. Give your message a title (so you can find it later) and select a date and time to send, then click Next.

Next you will type in your message and select your Distribution List.

The system will now fetch your estimated number of recipients and calculate the time needed to send your message. (NOTE: If you have a large list and your message will take a long time to send, you may want to visit your Settings and activate your Message Sending Window.)

Click Save Message. Your message setup is saved, but your message is not ready to send until you update Readiness, which will add it to the sending queue. 

Queueing Messages

To update message Readiness, click the Update button on your message. You will be asked to confirm you are ready to send your message. Click the Message ready to send checkbox, then click Add to Message Queue.

Your message is now Queued and will be sent at the designated time.

If you find, for any reason, that you want to remove your message from the Message Queue, or if you want to edit or update your message or message schedule, you must first remove the message from the Message Queue by unchecking the Message ready to send checkbox.

Delivery Reports

After your message has been sent (or is in progress), you can view your Delivery Report by clicking Text Messaging -> Delivery Reports. This report will provide all the details about the sending of your Install Email, as well as a list of the recipients with link to their constituent profile. In the case of an undelivered message, you may want to visit the constituent profile and make any needed updates to the constituent phone number on file.

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