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Kiosk Template Version 2.0 was released September 2021. The article below is for the legacy editor.

Viewing Your Templates

You can view or make changes to your self-service templates from the Templates option under Kiosks menu in your Dashboard. Templates allow you to set what can be sold on a kiosk or point of sale at any given time.

Status TitleDescription
LiveThis template has been assigned to a schedule and is currently active. Templates cannot be deleted while assigned to a device.

Important: Updating a template with a Live status will send an update request to all devices currently using the template.
Not LiveThis template is set up but is not currently assigned to a schedule.

Configuring a Template - Overview

To setup and configure a template, click the edit icon next to the template's name. From the Template setup page, you can configure the template name and the supported languages (coming soon) for each template. To delete a template, you must first remove the template from any weekly schedule. 

Configuring a Template - Announcement

When enabled, this announcement image will appear directly after your "Get Started" screen. Your image will appear, with options below it to Continue or Go Back.  Announcement images must have the size of 2358 X 2400.

Configuring a Template - Programs

Self-service kiosks support 5 programs per template by default and can be raised up to a maximum of 21 programs. To raise the number of programs, open a ticket with XTruLink support. To configure a kiosk program, click on the program you would like to edit. Program 1 will appear larger on the kiosk than programs 2 - 21. Each program has individual settings that need to be configured for ticket sales.

Program TitleThis title will appear at the top of the program's information page. If you do not upload an image for the Program, this title will also appear on the program selection page.
Program ModeThis is the mode assigned to your programs sale.

Default Mode
In default mode, program event data, such as timed tickets, will not be considered. Use this mode for standard daily admission programs.

Event Mode
In event mode, the kiosk will check for program events and prompt the user to make a selection. Kiosks will only show time slots available for the next 3 days.

Active Mode
In active mode, the kiosk will check for program events and use the time and price from the currently active event.

Combo Mode
In combo mode, the kiosk will check Altru for the combo configuration and present the options to the user.
Program SelectionSelect the program that you want to sell on this page. Programs sync from Altru every 5 minutes.
Program ImageUpload the image the appears on the selection page for this program. Images must be sized at 2358 X 1247. If no image is uploaded, the Program Title will be used to make the button along with the accent color from the Kiosk Theme.
Program DescriptionThis description will appear at the top of the program information page. The description is limited to 500 characters.
ProductsSelect the program prices that you wish to sell. Each program page supports up to 16 program prices.

Configuring a Template - Donations

This tab will allow you to configure the donations page that shows on the kiosk just before checkout. You can set a page title, upload an image (2600 X 600), and create a donation appeal to appear on the page. 

You must choose a Altru donation designation for the system to apply the kiosk donation towards. Donation designations can be set up in Altru and will sync to our system.

Configuring a Template - Receipts and Messages

This tab will allow you to configure the default receipt that gets sent out with kiosk transactions.

You can also configure an automated followup message to be sent out after a set time. You can use them for post-visit surveys, data collection, or member conversion.  You can create receipts and custom messages under Cloud Setup -> Messages.

Configuring a Template - Main Options

This tab will allow you to set miscellaneous options for the template.

Stripe Connection On TerminalsThis option must be checked to allow Kiosks to communicate with the Stripe Card readers. Required if you are selling tickets that require payment or collecting donations.
Info Bypass CodeThis code can be used on the kiosk with the "Box Office Pickup" receipt option to skip patron data collection and create an anonymous ticket sale or donation.
E-Mail Newsletter Subscription
Enabling this option will prompt for a Newsletter Subscription on the receipt page when a user enters their e-mail address.
Upsell Modal Display
This option will display the button and upsell information configured in the kiosk theme.

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