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Payment Kiosks ship from SwipeTrack registered an ready to go. Occasionally, kiosks will lose their registration. This can be caused by long periods of inactivity, software updates, or PCI-compliance checks. If this happens, your kiosk will display a screen asking for a Kiosk ID and a Kiosk Security Key.

Both the Kiosk ID and Security key can be found in your XTruLink Back Office. To access them, log in to XTruLink and click Kiosks -> Kiosk List. From here, you will see a list of your kiosks.

IMPORTANT: You must click on the correct kiosk / terminal combination. Look on the back of your kiosk or credit card terminal to find your Kiosk Number. For example, If you card reader says Terminal 1 then click on Kiosk 1 in the back office.

Once you click on the kiosk, look for the Kiosk Information Box. Inside of this box you will find the Kiosk ID and Security Key. Enter those keys on the kiosk and hit Register. The kiosk will confirm and save the keys and return to an active state.

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