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Viewing Your Schedules

You can view or make changes to your kiosk and point of sale schedules from the Schedules option under Cloud Setup in your Dashboard. Schedules allow you to choose which Template to display on a kiosk or point of sale at any given time.

Status TitleDescription
Live / Assigned to KioskThis schedule has been assigned to a point of sale or kiosk device and is currently active. Schedules cannot be deleted while assigned to a device.

Important: Updated a schedule with a Live status will force update all devices currently assigned the schedule to update.
Not LiveThis schedule is set up but is not currently assigned to a device.

Configuring a Schedule

To setup and configure a schedule, click the edit icon next to the program's name. From the Schedule setup page, you can enable, disable, and delete the schedule, update the schedule name displayed in our system, create notes for the schedule, and set up when the templates are scheduled to be displayed. If a template is not chosen for a time slot, the kiosk or point of sale will show the default "Closed" screen.

Adding Templates to the Schedule

After clicking the "Add Template to Schedule" button, you will be presented a screen asking you for the Template, Day, Start, and End times. This will allow you to choose which template to display during a given time slot. Times are broken down into 15 minute intervals. There can only be one template assigned per time slot.

Removing Template from the Schedule

To remove a template from a time slot, simply click on the blue template box in the time slot chosen and click the remove button. Don't forget to save your changes. 

Adding Schedule to a Kiosk 

Once your schedule is created, you need to add it to the Kiosk. From the Dashboard, go to Kiosks > Kiosk List. Click the Edit icon next to the appropriate Kiosk. Then select the Kiosk Schedule from the dropdown menu. 

Note: If you only have one Schedule set up, all Kiosks will default to that Schedule.

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