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Unboxing and Powering on your Kiosk

In order to make installing easy, our XTruLink iPad desktop kiosks ship fully assembled. Please make sure to inspect the packaging when it arrives from FedEx to check for any visible damage. To setup the kiosk, open the box and remove the kiosk from the box.

Each kiosk will require two power outlets - one for the iPad and one for the card reader. We've included all the cables needed to plug in and power the kiosks. Once you place the kiosk in the location it is going to be used, plug in the card reader first followed by the iPad. The iPad should display the Apple logo and turn on.

Connecting the iPad to a Wi-Fi network

  1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, then turn on Wi-Fi.

  2. Tap one of the following:

    • A network: Enter the password, if required.

    • Other: Joins a hidden network. Enter the name of the hidden network, security type, and password.

If the Wi-Fi icon appears at the top of the screen, iPad is connected to a Wi-Fi network. (To verify this, open Safari to view a webpage.)

Connecting the Credit Card Reader

The credit card reader can be connected using either a hardwired Ethernet connection or a Wifi network.

One important thing to note, both the iPad and the credit card ready must be able to communicate with each other over the local network. This typically this means they should be on the same subnet and on a network that allows device to device communication.
For more information on setting up the credit card reader, please click here.

Launching the XTruLink Payment Kiosk Application

To launch the XTruLink Payment Kiosk app, click on the SwipeTrack App Icon

This will launch the application and load your payment organizations kiosk.

Locking the Kiosk

To lock the kiosk in Single App Mode, please triple tap the power button 3 times to turn on 'Guided Access Mode'.  This will ensure guests cannot exit out of the XTruLink Payment Kiosk app.  To exit out of 'Guided Access Mode', passcode is 802620

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