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View Kiosk Themes

You can view or make changes to your kiosks theme from the Themes option under the Kiosk Menu in your Dashboard. Kiosk Themes allow you to customize the images and colors that appear on the kiosks.To add a new theme, click the Create New Theme button on the top right. Give your theme a unique name and save it.

Kiosk Offline Branding

This will be the branding that displays above the "Kiosk Offline" message during hours when your kiosk is not on a Schedule.  You can upload the logo that appears (460x260) and the color of the header.

Kiosk Design

Clicking the Edit icon next to a theme will bring you the the Theme Controls page. From here, you can customize the design, navigation, page art, and upsell modal that appear on your kiosk. The logo you upload on this page will appear at the top of the kiosk. We recommend a high-resolution image for clarity.

Navigation & Page Art Images

When uploading images to this page, please make sure the images are the exact sizes requested. The kiosks are built to fit the full screen of the iPad so the images must be the exact sizes requested.

Start Image

This is the first image that guests will see as they approach your kiosk, just below your branding. This image should prompt them to begin.

Exit Image

This is the last image your guests see after their transaction is complete. This image can welcome them and/or direct them where to go next. This image will only display for a limited time before the kiosk resets to the Start Image for the next guest.

Payment Image
This will display when payment is required and will guide your guest to the payment device.

Page Art
Background Image

This image will be tiled across the background of the kiosk. This image can be a solid color, or a pattern that can repeat across the background.

Page Art
Program Selection Page Art

This optional image adds interest to the lower right of your program selection page.

Page Art
Ticket Selection Page Art

This optional image adds interest to the left side of your ticket selection page.

Upsell Display Modal

The Upsell Modal allows you to add a button to the Program Pages on the kiosk that can be use to direct members to purchase a membership instead of tickets. 

The title for the Upsell Modal will appear as a button on the kiosk. The button will open a pop-up window with information about your upsell offering.  

If a user clicks on the button, a pop up will appear on the screen with the Upsell information.

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