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Unpacking your Navigator Floor Stand

Installing your Navigator Floor Stand

To begin stand installation, please assemble the base of the Navigator floor stand according to the instructions included with the stand.

Your kiosk comes with the head unit and iPad pre-assembled. Remove the unit from the protective box. The iPad will come with 4 silver screws preinstalled. You will need to remove these and use them later to mount the head unit to the Navigator floor stand. Do not attach the head unit to the stand yet.

Next, remove the pre-assembled credit card reader and mounting plate from the box. The credit card reader and mounting plate will be installed between the head unit and the floor stand. The cable must be positioned from the bottom of the credit card device and into the opening on the front of the stand.  

Place the iPad case on top of the credit card mounting plate. Making sure that the cords are running downwards and through the cord opening on the Navigator Stand, screw four (4) silver screws to attach the floor stand, through the credit card mount, to the back of the iPad head unit (see image below). Do not over-tighten the screws as it may cause the credit card mount to break. 

Once installed, open the back of the stand using the provided key and remove the protecting plastic around the power cord. You should have two charging blocks, one being for the iPad and the other for the credit card reader, and plug into the power strip.  Connect the iPad and the credit card reader cables to their specific charging block. Unwrap the white power cord and run it through the bottom base of the stand to connect to a power source.

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