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The B2B Sales module is an add-on in the XTruLink system. If you are interested in using this module and do not already have it enabled, please contact us directly.

What are B2B Sales in XTruLink?

The B2B (business-to-business) Sales module facilitates your partnerships with third party resellers and consigners (like Groupon). With XTruLink, third party sales are tied directly into Altru. You (the Organization) configure the products available for resellers and consigners (the third-party B2B Companies). The B2B Company then has access to the XTL back office portal to complete their sales. This set-up is detailed below. 

What is the difference between a reseller vs. a consigner?

A B2B Company configured as a reseller will have sales processed via YOUR payment processor (i.e. BBMS). You will be able to generate a report to calculate the commission owed to the B2B Company on a regular basis. 

A B2B Company configured as a consigner will process payments via their own payment processor, while the transactions are created in Altru using a predefined "Other" payment method. You will generate a report to calculate the amount owed to you at the end of the month based on their credit limit.

How do I configure my system for B2B sales?

The article below provides instructions for setting up B2B companies and programs and includes the following:

B2B Configuration (XTL Administrators)

The steps to prepare your XTruLink system for B2B sales are as follows:

  1. Configure your Program Lists - Select your Altru programs available for B2B companies. This includes setting retail commission (the amount you earn from each sale) and B2B base price (the minimum sell price) for all price types.
  2. Add your B2B Companies 
  3. Configure/edit company settings - This includes adding users, receipts, and configuring sales methods.

Add & Configure Program Lists

From the XTL Main Menu, navigate to Online Sales > B2B Program Lists

Add a New Program List

  1. Click Create B2B Program List on the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Enter your List Name (i.e. "Consignment Programs") and click Add.
  3. On the List page, click Add Program.
  4. Select one of your Altru programs from the drop-down list and click Add.
  5. Repeat Step 4 until you have added all programs desired.

Edit Program Settings

  1. From the Program List, click the Settings gear icon next to the program name.
  2. Enter your Program Endorsement and Program Details. (Reminder: on the web portal, the endorsement shows on the menu page and the program page; the details show only on the program page)
  3. Click the gear icon next to any product (price type) to adjust the Status, Commission Type, and Commission Amount (defined below). 
Product FieldDescription
StatusIf Disabled, this product will not be available for purchase on the B2B web portal.
Commission Type
  • Discount Amount = set a dollar amount that will be deducted from the product price. 
  • Percentage Amount = enter a percentage amount that will be deducted from the product price. This might be a helpful configuration if your organization changes the product price frequently.
CommissionThis is the commission amount the Company will receive for that product. Depending on your Commission Type, this will either be a dollar amount or a percentage.
B2B Base Price
*not editable
This is a calculated field:
[Product Price] - [Retail Commission] = [B2B Base Price]

Example: Program Settings within a B2B Program List

Add B2B Companies

XTruLink users assigned to a User Group with either the "XTruLink Administrator" or "Online Setup - B2B" permission can add any B2B Company. From Online Sales > B2B Companies:

  1. Click Add B2B Company.
  2. Select either Reseller or Consignment for B2B Type.
  3. Enter the Company Name.
  4. Select the Program List.
  5. Add information for your Main Contact (this person will receive a welcome email). 
  6. Click Add Company. 

Adjust B2B Company Settings

Once a Company is created, you can adjust settings from the Company page. This includes:

  • Adding new users
  • Adjusting the Program List
  • Changing the receipts

B2B Portal Access (B2B Company Users)

B2B Company users will receive an email when added to the system, providing them instructions to login to the XTruLink portal to process sales and view their account. B2B users will have limited access, including:

  1. User management
  2. Product management (i.e. adjust B2B sell price for each price type)
  3. Access to B2B Company web portal (this has similar look and feel to your online sales portal, but only used for processing B2B transactions)
  4. B2B Codes configuration (only for Reseller companies)

Add B2B Users

From the Main Menu of the B2B Portal, navigate to B2B Settings > Users. Click Add User and enter relevant details. 

Edit B2B Products

From the Main Menu of the B2B Portal, navigate to B2B Settings > Products. Click the gear icon next to any program. From the program page, you can click the gear icon for any product name and adjust the B2B Sell Price. This impacts the amount the B2B Company makes from the sale. You will also see Price on the top-right corner of a product editor window - this is the amount the Organization sells the ticket for. 

[B2B Sell Price] - [Commission] = [B2B Company Net Revenue]

Access B2B Web Portal

From the Main Menu of the B2B Portal, navigate to B2B Settings > B2B Portal. This is a direct link to your personalized B2B Company's web portal for ticket purchases.

Example: B2B Web Portal

Configure B2B Codes (Resellers Only)

A B2B Company designated as a Reseller may send an offer out to their customers using a referral link. This link requires customers to enter a code. Codes are created within the B2B portal.

From the Main Menu, navigate to B2B Settings > B2B Codes. 

  1. Click Add Codes in the top-right corner.
  2. Select Randomly Generate or Upload. Upload should be selected when you already have a list of codes for use.
  3. Enter Valid Dates.
  4. Enter Usage Limits. If you select "Not Unlimited", then add the Max Uses allowed per code.
  5. Click Add Codes.

The Referral Code Entry Link on the B2B Codes page must be used for customers accessing the online portal via code. 


Organizations will find two reports relevant for B2B sales and end-of-period invoicing and/or pay-outs. These are: 

  • Commission Report - for Reseller companies. The Commission total is the amount the Organization owes the B2B Company.
  • Consignment Report - for Consignment companies. The Organization Net total is the amount the B2B Company owes the Organization.

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