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Version 3.22.0322

Released March 22, 2022

New Features

Expanded options for Digital Pass Automation

You now have the ability to control digital membership pass automation at the template level. What this means:

  • The toggle to turn automatic detection on and off can now be found on each individual template page under Digital Passes > Templates
  • You get to decide which digital pass templates are automatically sent to customers, and which you send manually
  • Slowly rollout digital memberships by membership program and level
  • Create and test new templates for new membership levels while your existing programs continue on automation

View Digital Pass stats on the Passes page

Next time you login, you'll notice a new reporting header at the top of the Passes page. This includes total passes created, passes installed, and passes not installed. You can now also filter your pass lists by template. 

Mailing list subscribe option now available for Online Portal sales

Have you been using the newsletter subscription checkbox for your kiosk templates? Now you can also find this within Web Portal settings. Navigate to Online Sales > Web Portal > Receipts & Messages and you'll see a checkbox to Prompt for Newsletter Subscription at Checkout. This will add users to your mailing list export, which you can find under Reports > Marketing Reports > Newsletter Subscription.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • When constituents select "Use Different Address" at checkout, they'll see a checkbox to "Make this my primary address." When this box is selected, their constituent record in Altru will update with their new primary address. This will not overwrite or inactivate existing addresses.

  • Fixed bug causing event capacity changes made in Altru on the day of the event to fail to sync to XTruLink web and kiosk pages
  • Constituent phone numbers received via an XTruLink portal page or kiosk will format based on country selection (e.g. U.S. phone numbers will sync to Altru under the format (###) ###-####)
  • Added ability to cancel $0 orders via XTruLink back office

Version 3.22.0301

Released March 1, 2022

New Features

Disable auto-renewal and online renewal for a specific membership level

You now have the option to disallow renewal for a membership level via the online portal. Should you select this option, customers will be able to view their existing and/or expired membership, but will not see options to renew. This option can be enabled in Cloud Setup.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Updated the Access Control entry process to speed up ticket scanning and member check-in. You should see your ticket and member entry processing with your handheld devices run much more quickly now!
  • Added support to show gift details for gifted memberships in Altru queries. The following fields in an Altru query (with source view of "Revenue") will show the giftee and gift message:
    • Application Details\Membership Transaction\Gift message
    • Application Details\Membership Transaction\Given by
  • Fixed bug causing digital pass emails to fail to send in some renewal cases. 

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