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You can create web calendars for your XTruLink Online Portal or to embed on your website. Your calendar(s) must use existing program events from scheduled programs in Altru. 

The article below will show you how to:

  • Add a new calendar
  • Adjust basic settings
  • Add calendar categories (filters)
  • Add events
  • Embed your calendar or edit custom CSS
  • Add calendar to your online portal

To create a new calendar, navigate to Online Sales > Web Calendars. Click Add Calendar and give it a name. Then click the edit icon to configure your new calendar. 


You can update the following from the Settings tab:

  • Edit the calendar name.
  • Edit the calendar Status. If Inactive is selected, the calendar will not appear on any web portal links or on websites where its been embedded. It will be replaced with the text "Inactive Calendar."
  • From the Show dropdown, select if you'd like to show all events, or online Events Available for Online Purchase (i.e. events where Online Sales sales method is enabled in Altru).


Categories are filters you can use on your calendar to group types of events. You can designate a category for any program you add to your calendar. 

On the Categories tab, you are creating categories only. You will link them to programs on the Events tab (see next section). Categories may be assigned a color and can be used by the customer to filter the calendar. See example below.


On the Events tab, you can add scheduled programs to your calendar.

Note: If you want customers to be directed to purchase tickets from the calendar, the programs must already exist as a page on your web portal.

To add a new program to your calendar:

  1. Select the program from the dropdown list.
  2. Select the portal link (if you'd like to direct customers to a purchase link).
  3. Select a category (if desired). 
  4. Click Add.

You may add as many programs as you'd like. If you've made recent changes, m


Use the Preview tab to see how your calendar will look on browser and mobile. If you've made recent changes, make sure to click the refresh icon to reload the preview. This is a good way to test your calendar before activating it.

Embed and CSS

If you'd like to embed your calendar on your website, the Embed tab contains instructions for how to do so.

If you'd like to adjust style elements of the calendar, such as font and colors, you may do so using the CSS tab. Please see this article for a few CSS examples.

Add Web Calendar to Online Portal 

Calendars may be added as Menu items (on the header) of your online portal. 

  1. Navigate to Online Sales > Web Portals. 
  2. Go to the Menu tab on your Web Portal Settings and click Create Menu Item. 
  3. Type a Menu Item Name.
  4. Select Visibility.
  5. Select the Web Calendar from the dropdown list under Calendar Page.
  6. Click Create Menu Item.

Sample Calendars

Here are some example calendars from our XTruLink Demo Online Portal:

Here is an example of a calendar that has been embedded on a web page: Embedded Calendar

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