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Once you implement Digital Memberships, you may find that some of your customers still request a physical membership card. All physical membership cards must be printed in Altru. You might want to ask your customers at time of purchase whether they would like a physical card sent to them. You could facilitate this via the XTL Web Portal using a Cross-Sale

Steps to Implement:

  1. In Altru, create a daily admission program with the name "Physical Membership Card" (or any name that makes sense for you).
  2. Add a price type to the Altru program such as "Physical Membership Card" (or again, any name that makes sense for you).
  3. Ensure your Altru program is available for Online Sales.
  4. In XTruLink, create a page on your web portal for this new program (you can choose to mark this page's Visibility Settings as Hidden so that it only appears when triggered by a Cross-Sale).
  5. Now to go the page settings in your web portal for your membership program.
  6. From the membership page settings, go to the Cross-Sale tab.
  7. Click Add Cross-Sale.
  8. Link your Physical Membership Card page as the Cross-Sale Target. 
  9. You must create a Cross-Sale for EACH membership level or term available on the page. 

Once your page is set up, be sure to test your Cross-Sale to ensure it is working as expected. You may then query this program in Altru in order to identify your customers who would like a physical membership card.

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