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All messaging content is created via Messaging > Templates. Start by clicking Add Message and selecting the delivery type (email or text). You will then see either a basic HTML editor (for emails) or a plain-text editor (for texts).

Please note: All images must be hosted on an external image hosting platform.

By default, your system contains two standard messages: an email receipt and a text receipt.

Default messages cannot be deleted from your system.

Inserting Variables

You might want to add relevant details to your messages. A library of available variables can be found to the right of the message body editor. The variables are grouped by message type. Please double-check that the variables you use in your message may be used for the type of message you plan on sending. Here is a list of variable groups and the types of messages for which they may be used:

Variable GroupMessage Type(s)
Sales Order Variable
  • Receipts
  • Scheduled Messages (All)
  • Recurring Messages (All)
Event Reminder Variables
  • Recurring Messages (Event Reminders)
  • Scheduled Messages (Event Reminders)
Membership Expiration Reminder VariablesRecurring Messages (Membership Expiration Reminders)
Product Specific Email VariablesProduct Specific Emails

Edit Message Formatting (Emails Only)

If you selected email, you will see a variety of basic formatting options in the built-in editor. You also have the ability to edit the HTML Source Code directly from Tools > Source Code. 

Sending Test Messages

After creating your message content, send a test message to ensure you formatted the message properly. This option can be found in the top-righthand corner of the message editor page. Enter the email address you'd like to send a test email to and the message type. You will then see a few options appear to populate the data for your test message. Please note: You must have at least 1 transaction completed in your system before sending a test message. 

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