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You can create a kiosk product for a singular designation or for multiple designations. If you add multiple designations, customers will be able to select their desired fund from a list before they enter their donation amount.

Steps to create a donation product

  1. Navigate to Kiosks > Products
  2. Click Add Products
  3. Enter your Display and Internal titles
  4. Select Donation Mode
  5. Click Save Kiosk Program
  6. On the Display tab, add your image and description, if desired
  7. On the Designations tab, add one or more designations
  8. On the Suggested Amounts tab, add up to 10 suggested amounts, or leave blank to allow only custom amounts
  9. Save Changes and proceed to add your product to any Kiosk or MPOS templates as needed

Sample Kiosk page for a single designation

Sample Kiosk page for designation selection from list

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