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Version 3.23.0404

Released April 4, 2023

New Features

Manage Primary Contact Info in Portal User Profile

Web Portal profiles have a new look and new functionality! On the profile page, users will now see four tabs: Account Info, Contact Info, Memberships & Recurring Gifts. On the Contact Info tab, users may update their primary contact info in Altru, including primary address, email, and phone number. The Profile Verbiage box has been moved to the top of the profile page. 

Dynamic Pricing Calendar Preview

The ticket selection calendar on web portal will now display preview pricing when prices are variable by day. This will only appear for scheduled program pages set to "Standard" flow. Check out an example on our demo portal.

Support for Membership Types

We've added support for membership types. If you have membership types configured on your membership program, you will now see these types appear during checkout on web portal and kiosk. Membership types may be set up in Altru and must be enabled at time of membership program creation. If you've never used membership types, learn more on the Altru knowledgebase.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Added clear error messaging when web portal user attempts to change their email to an email for an existing portal user.
  • Added notifications on checkout page when user applies a successful or unsuccessful promo code.
  • Added sort on web portal pages set to "Event List" flow for events with the same date/time. The native sort will display events in alphabetical and/or ascending order. 

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