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When you purchase an Aviator kiosk, you will receive (3) boxes to set up (1) kiosk. These boxes include:

  • 1 rectangular box containing the display screen, WisePOS & mount, Setup instructions and hardware
  • 1 large/tall rectangular box containing the kiosk stand
  • 1 flat square box containing the base of the kiosk

You will use the included manual for step by step assembly instructions to put the kiosk together.

  • Please note the Aviator comes with a charging cable intended for the WisePOS unit, conveniently located inside the stand. This cable is designed to connect via the Micro port situated on the bottom right of the unit.

Once the Aviator has been assembled, and powered on, you will need to exit the kiosk mode and set-up internet connection.  

  1. Tap all 4 corners of the screen starting at the top left and going in a clockwise fashion.
  2. Enter exit code: 8026
  3. Tap on Windows start up icon > Settings > Network & Internet > WiFi and/or Ethernet and enter credentials to connect
  4. Restart the kiosk and then enter the Kiosk ID and Security Key credentials

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