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Viewing Your Synced Programs

You can view or make changes to your program list from the Programs option under Cloud Setup in your Dashboard. Programs and program prices are synced from the Altru system every minute and will appear on this list. 

Status TitleDescription
ActiveThis program has been setup within the XTruLink System and is ready for integration into scanning and sales.
Not SetupThe program has synced from Altru but is not configured yet in XTruLink.
Disabled in AltruThis program is disabled in Altru and cannot be used in XTruLink

Configuring a Program

To setup and configure a program, click the edit icon next to the program's name. From the Program setup page, you can enable and disable the program within the XTruLink system, update the program name displayed in our system, and individually edit and enable the program price options.

Program Status

To enable a program, simply click the Enable Program button on the top right of the page. This enabled the program within the XTruLink system. After this, you will need to configure the program price types. To disable the program in XTruLink, click the red Disable Program button and save the page. This will not change or alter anything in your Altru system. 

Updating Available Products

Program prices must be individually enabled within the XTruLink system. To do so, click the edit icon next to the program price option you want to modify. To enable the program price, set the Status option to Active. The only other editable option on the screen is Product Display Name. This is the name displayed to the end users during checkout or scanning.

Display Names by Language

Product display names are set by language. If your XTruLink system support multiple languages, you can check the language you are editing on the top right of the page. When switching languages, make sure you save your work before moving to the next language.

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