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With Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS) and Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS), you can securely process credit card transactions through your Blackbaud program. From the Blackbaud website, you can set up accounts with both BBPS and BBMS. When you create your merchant account, it automatically appears in the BBMS web portal and in your Blackbaud programs. After you set up your account, you can configure your account settings and manage transaction processing through the Blackbaud web portal.

Connecting to a Blackbaud Account

To allow XTruLink to access BBMS, you will need to grant us access as a Payments user in your Blackbaud system and approve the XTrulink application. Please follow these instructions:

IMPORTANT: These instructions must be performed by a Blackbaud user (dedicated user account) who is BOTH an organization admin and an environment admin. These permissions are added in two separate places from the blackbaud.com Admin portal. If you are unsure about how to confirm these permissions, please review this guide

We highly recommend you create and control a dedicated user account instead of using an individual's personal account. This is meant to avoid the scenario where the email or user is deauthorized thus cutting off XTruLink access. This could be a new email you create (i.e. xtrulink.access@yourdomain.org) or an existing admin email that will not be removed from your organization's domain (i.e. info@yourdomain.org ). Once you have confirmed the dedicated user account you plan to use and its permissions (as previously stated, the user MUST be an organization admin and an environment admin), continue to the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Blackbaud Payments API Portal
  2. Ensure you are logged in using your dedicated user account referenced in the Important note above.
  3. Select Security in the top menu bar. NOTE: If you do not see this tab, this is likely because your dedicated user account is not an environment admin. Please refer to the Important note at the top of these instructions.
  4. Ensure you have a Payments role in place:
    1. Navigate to the Roles tab.
    2. Verify that you can see a Payments roles section with at least one role defined such as a "Payments API User" role.
    3. If the Payments section or role is missing, view instructions here to add this to your environment.
  1. Invite the dedicated user account to the Payments API role:
    1. Navigate to the Users tab and select Add user. 
    2. On the Add user screen:
      1. In the First name, Last name and Email fields, enter XTrulink, Access, and the email address you wish to use, respectively.
      2. Check the box to "Make solution admin" next to Payments API.
      3. Click Send invite.
      4. Accept the invitation via your email client. 
  2. Invite your XTruLink Sync User to the Payments API role. This is the user you provided to us for Altru access, and will be: sync.YOURORGANIZATIONSHORTCODE@xtrulink.com. You can find your organization short code within the XTruLink application under System > XTruLink Settings > General. If you need help verifying this email, please check with your internal XTruLink implementation POC, or contact XTruLink Support
    1. Return to the Payments API Portal and navigate once more to Security > Users tab and click Add user.
    2. On the Add user screen:
      1. In the First name, Last name and Email fields, enter XTruLink, Sync, and the sync user email.
      2. Check the box next to Payments API.
      3. Click Send invite.
  3. To approve the XTrulink application, select Home in the top menu bar of the Payments API Portal
  4. Click "go to the Blackbaud Marketplace and use your application ID" button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Once redirected, type "XTruLink" in the marketplace search bar.
  6. Click the XTruLink app box. 
  7. On the lefthand taskbar, click Connect.
  8. Follow the prompts to confirm submission. Leave this tab open (you should still be logged in with the dedicated user account) and go to Step 13
  9. Open a new tab in your browser and navigate to the XTruLink app. 
  10. Go to System > Payment Setup > BBMS.
  11. Click Add a BBMS Account.
  12. Click the Connect to BBMS button at the bottom of the page. 
  13. You will be redirected to Blackbaud to approve XTrulink access.

Once you click Authorize you will be redirected back to XTrulink to complete the BBMS Integration. Click Confirm and Save to finish the process. 

IMPORTANT: You must choose your LIVE Payment Configuration to properly process credit card transactions and collect money.

Once you choose your credit card configuration, Confirm and Save your connection details to finalize the Payment Setup.

Viewing Your Connected Blackbaud Account

Once connected, your can view your Blackbaud connection status under System > Payment Setup > BBMS.

If you need to change your BBMS account configuration, please contact XTrulink support.

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