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You can view or make changes to your XTrulink Online Sales Portal settings from the Main Menu > Online Sales > Web Portal. The settings for the XTrulink Online Sales Portal are split into six categories, listed in the left sidebar:

  • Theme (the look and feel of your portal)
  • Menu (the header at the top that links to your program, membership and donation pages)
  • Donations (optional configuration for additional donations at checkout)
  • Receipts and Messages (the default receipts customers will receive)
  • Custom CSS (optional ability to add custom styling to your portal)
  • Integrations (optional ability to add Google Tag Manager code and Facebook Pixel ID*)


The Theme settings determine the active status, look and branding of your online portal. The URL displayed at the top of the Theme settings is the address where the portal will be available when active.

Portal Activation

Select the Portal Active checkbox only when your settings are complete and you are ready to go live with your online sales portal.

Portal Settings Status

The Portal Settings Status tells you the status of your draft settings and allows you to sync them with your live site. As you save changes to your online portal settings, the changes are saved as a draft and will not immediately be live. You can preview your draft changes by clicking the preview link. The preview link will not be available until you have given your site a name. When you are happy with your site, you can click the Sync Draft to Live button to push your draft changes to your live site.

Site Title

The Site Title will display in the browser tab of your online portal. This should be the name of your organization.

Footer Text

The Footer Text will display in the footer of your online portal and will link back to any URL you designate (see section below).

The Link Back is a way for the online portal to link back to your main site. If you have a page setup that links to the online sales portal, you can use that page address as the link back URL.

Allowed URI for iFrame Embedding

By default, the online sales portal cannot be embedded on another page. You may enter your domain here (e.g., https://mydomain.com) to enable the online sales portal to be embedded via an iframe on your own domain. The iframe will only work on this single domain.

Embed Code

If you have set an Allowed URI, then you can use the Embed Code to embed an iframe of the online sales portal on your own website. For more information on how to embed or customize an iframe on your website, please consult your IT department or website admin.

Branding Image

The Branding Image should be 300 x 60 pixels and in .jpg or .png format. The branding image will display in the upper left corner of your online sales portal.

Portal Theme Colors

The online sales portal features three customizable colors for various page elements. You can select a header color, menu color, and button color. To get matching color codes from your own website, please consult your website administrator.

Disabling the Branding

You may choose to disable the branded areas in the online sales portal pages when embedding the online portal in your own website. Disabling the branding will remove the top header and bottom footer from each page in the online sales portal.

Terms of Service

These terms will appear just below the Complete button during checkout. We recommend linking to your website's Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and/or Refund Policy.

The Menu settings are where you set up the different pages that will make up your online sales portal. Each menu item will be a page on your online sales portal.

Creating Menu Items

To create a new Menu item (page) for your online sales portal, click Create Menu Item. The box will prompt you to give your menu item a name. Choose a short name that best describes the type of products you plan to put on that page.

Editing Menu Items

To edit a menu item name, click the Edit icon for that menu item and enter a new name.

Reordering Menu Items

To change the display order for Menu items, simply drag and drop the row to change the order. After you change the ordering, be sure to click Save Changes.

Removing Menu Items

Removing a Menu item will also remove any products (product display image, product details, etc.) from the associated menu page.

Adding Products to Your Menu Page

To add/edit products on a Menu page, click the Menu Name to open the settings for that page. Click Add New Item to add a new product item to your page. A row of drop down options will appear below. First select either Membership or Program for the Item Type. Next, select the program name you want to add to your page. If adding a membership, you must also select the membership level. Once all the dropdown items are selected, click Add Item To Page.

Reordering Page Items

To change the display order for Page items, simply drag and drop the row to change the order. After you change the ordering, be sure to click Save Changes.

Page Item Settings

To access more detailed Page Item Settings, click the Settings icon for that product. Here you will have the ability to:

  • Upload a program display image
  • Write a brief program endorsement
  • Access the direct link to the program web page
  • Mark the program, or individual products, as "Members Only"
  • Designate a program specific email to send out when this program is purchased
  • Write and style your program details

After making your updates to your page item settings, please click Update Item to confirm your updates, then click Save Changes to save your changes.

The Program Display Image and Program Endorsement

The program display image should be approximately 760 x 360 pixels. The program endorsement is a brief description of your program. These two elements represent your offering on the menu page.

The Program Details

The program details will give a much more robust description of your program along with any details the customer may require for purchase. The details are set in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that allows for many common text formatting options. The program details will display on the product page below the program display image.


The Donation option will enable you to collect donations as part of a customer order directly from the online sales portal shopping cart at checkout. Click the Enabled checkbox and select a donation designation.

Receipts and Messages

After purchase through he online sales portal, customers will be have the ability to view/print a receipt. They will also receive this receipt via email or text. Your receipt templates can be viewed/edited by navigating to Cloud Setup > Messages.

Custom CSS

Use this custom CSS field to change the default styling of your online portal.

*Contact us directly for assistance with Facebook integration. 

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