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XTruLink Access Control, or XTAC for short, is the XTruLink iOS Application for Access Control Management. This app is not available in the iTunes App Store. It is only available via B2B distribution and must be sent directly to an XTruLink-controlled Apple device. The app will come bundled with Access Control Scanners shipped by SwipeTrack.

On XTruLink managed devices, the app will appear on the center of the dock on the bottom. Once you launch the application you will be presented with login screen.

To log into the XTAC app, you will need a user with the "Standard User" role. You can read more about User Roles here. You will also need to enter your XTruLink account name in the Account field. This is the same as your subdomain to access the back office online. https://ACCOUNT.ticketapp.org/

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