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Scanning an XTruLink Master Barcode

The XTruLink Master Barcode system allows multiple tickets to be grouped under a single barcode. When that barcode is scanned, it will pull up all available tickets that can be redeemed. To redeem a ticket, simply click on the row with the ticket and you will see a green check mark appear. Click on the Scan Tickets button at the bottom to finalize the redemption.

You can scan an XTruLink Master Barcode more than once. Tickets that have already been redeemed will show as Used. These tickets can not be selected for use again.

Scanning an Altru Barcode

Altru barcodes are only associated with one ticket. Simply scan the ticket and it will appear at the top of the ticket history screen.

Ticket Redemption History

XTAC keeps a list of tickets redeemed on the scanner every session. The most recently scanned ticket will appear at the top. To view the history, click the History Icon on the bottom left of the screen. 

Tickets with a green checkmark indicate a valid ticket redemption.

Tickets with a red cross indicate an issue redeeming a ticket. You should not allow the guest to proceed until the issue has been resolved.

Manually Entering a Barcode

In the event that a ticket cannot be scanned using the barcode scanner, you can manually enter the barcode number. Click the keyboard on the top left of the screen to type in the barcode number. XTruLink Master Barcodes are 13 digit alpha-numeric codes. Altru barcodes are 8-10 digit numeric codes.

Override Mode

If there is an issue redeeming a ticket, ie the event time is not currently underway, tickets can be scanned in Override Mode. To enable Override mode, press the Additional Options icon (box with arrow) on the bottom center of the XTAC app. This will open the Options menu. Click on Override Mode. While enabled, any status or restrictions on tickets scanned will be ignored and the ticket will be marked as redeemed. To exit Override Mode, click the Additional Options icon again and click Disable Override Mode.

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