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Finding a Constituent with a Membership

To view membership details, first you must pull up a constituent's record by either scanning their membership card or searching for the constituent (View Helpdesk Article). If they have membership on their record, you can click on the View Membership button.

Viewing A Membership

Once you click on View Membership, this will pull open the Membership Information screen. Here you will see the Membership Type, Expiration Date, and Members associated with the membership.

Editing A Members Details

From the scanner, you can edit a members photo and birthdate. To do so, use your finger slide the member's name to the left. This will reveal the Update Picture and Edit Info boxes. Clicking on Update Picture will turn on the Scanners Camera and allow you to take a photo of the Constituent. This will update their profile in XTruLink and Altru. Clicking on Edit Info will allow you to add a birthdate to member if one is not available. Adding or changing the birthdate will update their profile in XTruLink and Altru.

Checking In A Member

To reedem a membership entry / check-in a member, simple tap the members name. This will add a green check to the member's name. Click Continue at the bottom to complete the Check In.

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