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Once you have created your template, you need to get it customized with all your settings before you can start using it. The Digital Pass template configuration is split into several distinct areas, accessed through the side menu.


The Overview allows you to preview your pass template and update some high-level pass information, including the Logo Text which will display to the right of the logo image. Clicking the small i icon on the upper right of your template Preview will flip the pass over to display the information on the back of the pass. 

You can get an idea of the overall pass field layout by clicking View Pass Field Layout. 


The Appearance area allows you to customize the logo, thumbnail image, and colors. These colors are pre-selected for you, but can be customized to match the look and feel of your program or organization.

Pass Front

The Pass Front area enables you to customize the field data that will appear on the front of your passes. There are five customizable fields on the front of the pass. The layout of the fields can be referenced by clicking View Pass Field Layout.

Each field has a Label (which will display in the Label color you set in the Appearance area) and a Value (which will display in the Foreground color). Fields must be active before they will display on the pass. To activate a field, click the Active checkbox for that field.

The field values can be Static or Dynamic. With static fields, you can type whatever static value you want. For dynamic fields, you can select from a dropdown list of dynamic values that will populate with the pass holder's information. You can also combine static and dynamic information by leaving Dynamic unchecked, typing your static information, then dragging and dropping in Dynamic Variables from the Dynamic Variable List on the right.

Pass Back

The Pass Back area is essentially the same setup as the Pass Front, except that there is no "layout" or design to the information on the back of the pass. The pass holder's wallet app will format this on it's own, basically listing it out on the back of the pass.


The Relevance area is for entering locations where the pass should be displayed on the lock screen. To add a location, click Add a Location. To obtain a latitude and longitude, visit maps.google.com, find your location, then right click the location pin to obtain the latitude and longitude information.


The Programs area is where you will define the Membership Levels that will be associated with this pass template. You can associate multiple Membership Levels to the same pass template, or create multiple templates for each level.


The Settings area allows you to create particular settings for your passes. You have the option to allow a pass to be downloaded multiple times, or just once.


Before toggling Automatic Detection on for your template, please read our solution article here.

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