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Scheduling Messages

After you have created and customized your Digital Pass template, and you have activated Automatic Detection and created your Install Email Message, you can schedule your Install Email to be sent to all of your existing Members. To schedule this action, go to Digital Passes > Automation in your Main Menu, then select Existing Members.

This page will display a list of any queued or sent Install Email Messages, and allow you to schedule a new one. To schedule an Install Email Message, click the Send Digital Pass Install Email button.

Choose the Digital Pass Template you want to send Install Links for. Remember, you have already associated your Membership Programs with the Template, so the Template will know who to send the emails to. 

Choose the date and time you want the emails to begin going out, then click Next.

The next screen will display the estimated number of recipients and the amount of time the system estimates it will take to deliver all your email messages. Emails are sent in small batches over a period of time. When you are done, click Save Digital Pass Install Email Message Schedule. You will see your message, with it's scheduled time, appear in your message list with a status of Not Ready. Your message will NOT send until Readiness has been updated.

Queueing Messages

To update message Readiness, click the Update button on your message. You will be asked to confirm you are ready to send your message. Click the Message ready to send checkbox, then click Add to Message Queue

Your message is now Queued and will be sent at the designated time.

If you find, for any reason, that you want to remove your message from the Message Queue, or if you want to edit or update your message or message schedule, you must first remove the message from the Message Queue by unchecking the Message ready to send checkbox.

Delivery Reports

After your message has been sent (or is in progress), you can view your Delivery Report by clicking the clipboard icon that will appear to the right of your message. This report will provide all the details about the sending of your Install Email, as well as a list of the recipients with link to their constituent profile. In the case of an undelivered message, you may want to visit the constituent profile and make any needed updates to the constituent email address on file.

Reminder Emails

You may want to send a reminder emails to members who have already received the install email once, but have not yet downloaded their digital pass. This can be done via the same process listed above. The only difference is a single checkbox on the Schedule Digital Pass Install Email Message box that allows you to "Make it a Reminder." Selecting this option will send your message to only members who have received an install email before, but have not yet downloaded their pass. It will not send to any expired members who never downloaded their pass. 

You may also configure a unique email message for this message type. Navigate to Digital Passes > Email Templates and select the Reminder option. You may edit the template here. If you do not create a new template, the system will use the Install email template. 

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