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Configure a Template - Overview

Templates allow you to set what will be sold on a kiosk or point-of-sale device at any given time. In Version 2.0, you will need to create Products before you create a new Template. The following steps are detailed on this page:

Step 1 - Configure Products

From the Main Menu, navigate to Kiosks > Products.

The Kiosk Product List details all Products currently configured. The following fields are displayed in this list:

Internal TitleThe name you give a Product. This does not have to match the program or membership name in Altru. This is the name you will see when selecting Products for your Templates.
ModeProgram Mode (see below for details).
ProgramThe name of the program or membership as it exists in Altru. The hyperlink will direct you to the Program editor in Cloud Setup.
StatusIndicates whether the Product is being used by an existing Template.
DisplayIndicates whether the Product is visible on Templates it has been included on.

Add a New Product 

  1. On the Products page, click Add Products. A pop-up setup window will appear. 
  2. Add the Internal Title (only seen in the XTruLink back office dashboard).
  3. Add the Display Title (what your customers will see).
  4. Select the Program Mode (see next section for details).
  5. Select the Program. If you don't see a Program listed, wait a few minutes and try again. Programs sync from Altru every 15 minutes. 

Select a Program Mode

The Program Mode designates the kiosk flow during ticket selection. The following modes are available:

Default ModeProgram event data, such as timed tickets, will not be considered.
Best used for daily admission programs. 
Event ModeThe Kiosk will check Altru for program events and prompt the user to make a selection. Kiosks will only show time slots available for the next 3 days. 
Best used for scheduled programs that occur throughout the day.
Active ModeThe Kiosk will check Altru for program events and use the time and price from the currently active event.
Best used for general admission timed ticketing.
Combo ModeThe Kiosk will check Altru for the combo configuration and present the options to the user.
Membership ModeSelect this option for membership programs only. 

Configure/Edit Products

When you add a new Product, you will be directed to the Product page to configure settings. You can also click the edit icon next to a Product on the Kiosk Product List to navigate to this page.

You will see four tabs on the Product page: Settings, Program, Products and Upsell. These are detailed below. 

Product Configuration - Settings

On this tab, you have the following options available:

  • Edit Internal and Display Titles.
  • View the Program Mode (you will need to create a new Product to change the mode).
  • View the Program (you will need to create a new Product to change the Program).
  • View the Program Display Status (you can adjust this from the Program editor in Cloud Setup).
  • Perform Program Actions:
    • Clone the Kiosk Program (this will create a duplicate that you can edit without changing the original).
    • Hide the Kiosk Program (this will hide the Program from any Kiosk Templates its included on, but will not remove the Program from the configuration. You can choose to Show the Program again at any time).
    • Delete the Program (you cannot delete programs used on existing Templates. You will need to remove them from the Templates first).
  • View the Templates on which the Program is included. You can click the hyperlinked Template name to go to the Template editor. 

Product Configuration - Program

On this tab, you can add an image that will appear during ticket selection as well as a program description. 

Product Configuration - Products

On this tab, you can designate the price types (Products) that will appear during ticket selection. Be sure to add products in the order you wish for them to appear.

Product Configuration - Upsell

Upsell may be used to suggest an alternative purchase based on rules you set. This is NOT a cross-sale - if a customer selects the Upsell option, their original ticket selection will be removed from their cartYou must check the box to Enable Upsell in Portal in order to see this option on your Kiosks.

Upsell rules can be configured based on the number of tickets selected for a Program. For example, if a customer selects 3 general admission tickets, you might configure a rule that suggests (upsells) a family of 3 membership instead. 

For each Upsell rule, you will designate:

  • When the rule is triggered (by number of tickets).
  • What Product the rule triggers (this means you must create the Upsell Product first).
  • A short description for the Upsell.

Here is an example of an Upsell for a membership program:

Step 2 - Configure the Template

From the Main Menu, navigate to Kiosks > Templates.

The Template List details all Templates currently configured. The following fields are displayed in this list:

Template NameThis is what will appear when selecting a Template to add to a Schedule.
StyleThe hardware and type of Kiosk.
Version1.0 indicates a template created with the Legacy editor. 2.0 indicates a version created using the steps on this page.
Current StatusLive means the template has been assigned to a Schedule and is currently active. Templates cannot be deleted while assigned to a device. 
Important: Updating a template with a Live status will send an update request to all devices currently using the template.

Not Live means the template is set up but not assigned to a Schedule.

Add a New Template

  1. On the Templates page, click Add Template. A pop-up setup window will appear. 
  2. Add the Template Name (only seen in the XTruLink back office dashboard).
  3. Select the Template Style (for example, "iPad Kiosk with Payment").
  4. Select "Version 2.0" for the Template Version.
  5. Click Create Template.

Template Configuration - Announcement

When enabled (via the checkbox), the announcement image will appear directly after your "Get Started" screen. Your image will appear, with options below it to Continue or Go Back. Announcement images must follow the given size guidelines.

Template Configuration - Products

On this tab, designate the Products that will appear on your Kiosk. Use the left and right arrows to move Products from the Template Product Lineup on the left (those that will show on the Kiosk) and the Available Products on the right (those configured in the XTruLink dashboard). You can edit the Lineup at any time. 

Template Configuration - Donations

On this tab, select the Donation designation for the page that will show right before checkout. You can set a page title, upload an image (2600 x 600) and add a description. Be sure to select the Enabled checkbox if you'd like this page to appear during checkout.

Template Configuration - Receipts and Messages

On this tab, configure the default receipt that will be sent out with kiosk transactions. You can also configure an automated follow-up message to be sent out after a set time. You can use these for post-visit surveys, data collection, or member conversion. You can create receipts and custom messages in Messaging > Templates.

Template Configuration - Main Options

On this tab, set miscellaneous options for the template.

Attendant ModeThis setting has been temporarily discontinued - please leave it on "No Ticket Scanning."
Zipcode CaptureEnabling this option will capture zipcode data during checkout.
E-Mail Newsletter SubscriptionEnabling this option will prompt for a Newsletter Subscription on the receipt page when a user enters their email address.

Step 3 - Add the Template to a Kiosk Schedule

From the Main Menu, navigate to Kiosks > Schedules. Follow steps on this page.

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