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View Synced Discounts

You can view your available discounts from Main Menu > Cloud Setup > Discounts. Discounts are synced from the Altru system every 15 minutes and will appear on this list. The various columns in our Discount List indicate the discount configuration in Altru and are not editable in XTruLink. 

Create Single-Use Promo Codes

Within XTruLink only, you have the ability to generate single-use promo codes. These are codes that can be used by only one constituent and are redeemable the same way as multi-use promo codes created through Altru. They may be attached to any discounts you have configured in Altru where Selected for use is set as Manual or By Code

To generate single-use promo codes, click the Edit icon next to any applicable discount on your Discount List. In the Tasks window on the right-hand side, click Generate Promo Codes.

From the Add Codes editor window, you may select either Randomly Generate or Upload Codes. When you randomly generate codes, you have the option to select the number of single-use codes to create. When you Upload, you must paste your list of codes in (with one promo code per line). You may then select Valid Date to designate when codes are available for use. Click Add Codes to complete setup.

View, Export or Disable Single-Use Promo Codes

After generating promo codes, you can view your list of codes under Discount Details. Any promo codes configured within Altru will also show on this list (these will be labeled as Multi-Use). 

You have the option to export a CSV with a list of the codes, or you can use the Copy option to copy and paste the list into any document. You may also click the Edit icon next to any single-use code to edit the dates valid or mark the code as redeemed.

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