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When you add or edit a constituent in Altru (Individual records only), the constituent will automatically update in your XTruLink database. This sync process occurs every 15 minutes. All constituent record updates must be made in Altru; constituent data in XTruLink is read-only and used strictly for constituent matching purposes. 

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View a Constituent

To search for a constituent, navigate to Constituents > Constituent Search. You may search using Lookup ID, First Name and/or Last Name. Click the edit icon next to the constituent you want to view. 

At the top of the record, basic profile information about the constituent appears in the Constituent Information and Contact Info sections. Under Tasks on the right, Lookup in Altru will take you directly to the constituent record in Altru (you may need to login). 

Under Constituent Details, you will see various tabs with additional information. The XTruLink Orders tab contains a list of all orders made in the XTL system (via Kiosk, Online Portal, or Access Control). You can click the edit icon next to any order to view more details. The Online Portal User tab will show the portal user associated with the constituent record. You can click the edit icon next to the portal user to view more user information, including a portal user log. 

View a Portal User

Portal Users are constituents who created an account your XTruLink Online Portal. You can view a list of portal users from the Main Menu > Constituents > Portal Users. The list view will show the Altru Constituent Lookup ID, name, email and status. 

To view a portal user, click the edit icon next to the user on the portal user list. At the top of the record, basic Portal User Information appears. Under Constituent Info, you'll see the user's status and Altru Lookup ID. A status of Linked indicates the portal user is associated with a constituent record in Altru. A status of Unlinked indicates the portal user is not associated with a constituent record in Altru, and action should be taken by a staff member (continue to the next section for more details). 

Constituent Matching

XTruLink automatically associates Kiosk customers and/or Portal Users with matching constituent records in Altru (if they exist) when sufficient criteria is met (name and email match OR name and phone match). Without sufficient information, a new record will be created. Any duplicates created due to lack of matching criteria must be merged in Altru via the constituent merge process.

Constituent Merges

The XTL sync process updates constituent changes every 15 minutes, but only purges expired constituent records (i.e. records removed via a merge in Altru) every 8 hours. When a constituent merge occurs and one of the records was associated with a portal user in XTruLink, one of the following should occur:

  1. If the constituent logs into the XTL Online Portal, the merge will happen automatically in XTruLink. No further action is needed.
  2. If the constituent has NOT logged into the XTL Online Portal, you will see the portal user status appear as Unlinked. Click the edit icon next to the portal user. You will then see one of two options:
Constituent Association OptionsUser Action
Merge details appearClick the button to Perform Same Merge in XTruLink.
If this is not completed, the merge will trigger automatically when the constituent logs into the online portal.
Merge details do NOT appearClick the button to Re-Associate/Edit the constituent. Enter the Altru Constituent Lookup ID in the box labeled Re-Associate User Account to Another Constituent and then click Update Portal User. You may need to perform a search in Altru to identify the correct Lookup ID.
If this is not completed by a staff member, the constituent can still login to the portal and use the Find My Membership option in their account profile to re-associate their account.

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