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Altru does not support disabling online fees via their own webforms. However, if you have order fees enabled in Altru for the Online Sales sales method, you may choose to disable these fees within your XTruLink web portal for $0 orders. 

How does it work?

This is done by changing the sales method for these $0 orders to Advance Sales. 

Note that if you are using Altru's Sales Method field to run any reports in Altru, this will need to be adjusted for in your post-reporting.

How do I make this update in my XTruLink portal?

  1. From XTruLink back office, go to System > XTruLink Settings.
  2. Click Online Settings.
  3. Change Sales Method For Zero-Dollar Order Totals to Advance Sales.

Please Note: If you choose to use this setting, you must ensure that BOTH the Online Sales and Advance Sales sales methods are enabled on your programs in Altru.

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