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When scanning in tickets and/or member entries, your Access Control device must be paired with an Attendant Mode. Attendant Modes are set up via XTruLink Back Office under Main Menu > Access Control > Attendant Modes.

How to Configure a New Attendant Mode

  1. Click the green button labeled Add Attendant Mode
  2. Enter a descriptive name for your Attendant Mode and click Add Mode. You will see your new mode added to the list.
  3. Click the Edit icon next to the mode you just created

On the Settings tab:

  1. Make your selections for Re-Entry settings (be sure to click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen if edits are made)
    • Same-Day Re-Entry = when enabled, tickets may be redeemed (scanned) multiple times in a single calendar day
    • Simple Re-Entry = when enabled, this will add a "Re-Entry" option on your handheld. This is a simple count tracker. Any re-entries processed via Simple Re-Entry will not show in Altru reports but will appear on XTruLink Attendance Reports.

On the Program Access tab:

  1. Make a selection for Allowed Programs
    • All programs enabled = tickets for any program may be scanned under this Attendant Mode
    • Limit programs= you select the specific programs for which tickets can be scanned and have access to update specific entry times before and after the event (see section below on program settings)

On the Member Access tab:

  1. Make a selection for Member Access
    • All membership programs enabled = any member may be scanned in under this Attendant Mode
    • Limit membership programs = only specific membership levels are accepted under this Attendant Mode (you must add each level individually)
    • Disabled = this Attendant Mode will not scan in members
  1. If "All" or "Limit" is selected in Step 7, next make a selection for Member Entry program prices. Keep in mind: when Member Entry is used, the XTruLink system creates a $0 (zero-dollar) Advance Sale in Altru in order to track guest count/tickets. All program prices selected for Member Entry must be $0 price types in Altru. In addition, we recommend using Daily Admission programs in the Member Entry selections. If a scheduled program is used, sales orders created via Member Entry will NOT be associated with an event date/time and could impact your reports. 
    • All members use same program price = when scanning in members, the constituents listed on the membership will all use the same ($0) program price when scanned in. Be sure to select the correct program and program price (this might be a "Member Admission" program, or it might be a specific program for a particular event).
    • Program price based on date of birth = when selecting members on the membership to scan in, the ($0) price type associated with that member will be applied based on the constituent's date of birth (this selection is rare and requires accurate birthdate data in your Altru system)
  1. Guest Entry may be used to track members not listed on the membership (i.e. children) or member guests, if your membership level allows additional guests. Each price type added on this tab will be available after you scan in constituents listed on the membership. These price types must be $0 and will be tracked as tickets in Altru.
  2. Once you've added all additional price types, click Save Changes.

Edit Access settings when "Limit programs" is selected under Program Access

  1. Under the Action column, click the edit (wrench) icon next to the program you want to adjust.
  2. Make a selection for Mode
    • Full Program = select this option if all price types are accepted and re-entry settings are not needed
    • Select Programs = select this option if only specified price types are accepted (these may be added at the bottom of the screen when this option is selected) AND/OR re-entry settings are needed
  3. Make a selection under Ignore Event Times
    • Enabled = select this option if tickets may only be scanned during the specified event window
    • Disabled = select this option if you'd like to expand the event window to allow ticket scanning a few minutes before or after the event
  4. Update the times under Allow Entry as needed if you chose Disabled in Step3.

If Select Programs is chosen 

  1. If Re-Entry is Disabled in the Settings tab of your attendant mode, then just add the accepted price types at the bottom of the page and ignore the "Re-Entry Price" option.
  2. If Re-Entry is Enabled
    • Select the program you'd like to track re-entry admission under. NOTE: This program MUST include $0 price types. When used, re-entry scanning will create a separate $0 sales order in order to track the entry. Best practice here is to create a program labeled "Re-Entry Admission" in Altru with $0 price types, or add $0 re-entry price types to the current program. 
    • Add the allowed price types and map the re-entry price types.

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