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When a member initially creates an account on your XTruLink Web Portal, they might visit their profile page and find their membership information missing.

Why does this happen?

  • The information (name, phone, email) the customer used to create their online portal user does not match the information on their Altru constituent record. Our system requires that either name and phone or name and email match exactly in order to match to a constituent record in Altru.
  • The customer has duplicate records in Altru, and their portal user account is linked to a constituent record in Altru that is not linked to their membership record.

How can I fix it?

Option 1: Fix the problem for your customer in Altru.

  1. Identify the correct constituent record and notate their Lookup ID. You may do this in Altru or via the XTruLink Constituents search feature.
  2. Merge the two constituents in Altru. See Blackbaud's knowledgebase article if needed.

The XTruLink system cleans constituent merges every 8 hours. This means that if you search your Portal Users list, you will still see the portal user linked to the old incorrect record. This is fine. If your customer logs into the portal again, our system will detect the merge and update their profile. If you want to correct the merge on the backend first, that's fine too, but not necessary. From their Portal User page, you will see a notification like this:

Just click Perform Same Merge in XTruLink and the new record will be linked properly. 

Option 2: Allow the customer to fix the issue from their Web Portal profile page using their Membership ID. They will need access to the primary contact info (phone or email) listed on their Altru record.

First, ensure your customer has access to either the primary phone or email address from their Altru constituent record. Then, instruct your customer to complete the following steps:

  1. Login to your account on the web portal (in the top-right corner, navigate to My Account > Login).
  2. Go to your account profile page (in the top-right corner, navigate to Your Name > Profile.
  3. On the lefthand taskbar, click Find My Membership.
  4. Enter your Membership ID and click Locate Membership.
  5. Verify your membership (using the primary phone or email from the constituent's Altru record).
  6. Once you receive the verification phone via text or email, enter the code and click Submit Code and Reset Account.
  7. You should now see your membership appearing within your account profile. 

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