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You might have a scheduled program in Altru containing events that require different descriptions for various days. You can configure event-specific descriptions under Cloud Setup > Programs. Any descriptions added here will show only on your online portal (not on kiosks). 

Steps to add event-specific descriptions:

  1. Navigate to Cloud Setup > Programs.
  2. Select the designated program from the list by clicking the edit icon on the left.
  3. Click the button for Program Events.
  4. Use the filter to select a month and click Fetch Events. A list of all events during that month will populate below. 
  5. Find the event you'd like to edit and click Actions > Update.
  6. You may add an event-specific image (760 x 360) and description using the HTML text editor.
  7. When your details are completed, you may select one of two options:
    1. Save to all Events by Name = this will copy the event details to any existing future events within the program that have the same name. Names MUST match exactly in order for event details to copy.
    2. Save to this Event Only = add your details to this specific event only.
  8. Once you save your description, you will see a green checkmark show under the column labeled Custom Desc. Hovering over this checkmark will show a brief preview of your added description. 

Please Note:

  • Any events without an event-specific description will continue to display the default program description you have configured in your online portal settings.
  • To ensure these event descriptions display on your online portal, you must set your program page to Event List Flow. Descriptions will NOT display under Standard Flow. This setting may be found within the settings for an online portal page under the Flow tab.

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