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When you purchase an XTL 2700 kiosk, you will receive (3) boxes to set up (1) kiosk. These boxes include:

  • 1 large rectangular box containing the display screen
  • 1 large rectangular box containing the kiosk stand
  • 1 flat square box containing the base of the stand and assembly instructions (very heavy)

You will need to follow the assembly instructions to put together the kiosk. In case you lose the instructions included with your stand's base, they are attached here. Only page 2 is needed. 

Once assembled, attach the power cord to the display screen. Be sure to run the cords down through the base portion and connect to power. See image below.

Next, put the white credit card mounting bracket onto the kiosk, using the black screws to attach.

Next, run the Wise POS cable through the left opening of the plastic face plate, into the credit card mount, out though the bottom and in through the main compartment.  Plug into the USB port to connect to power.

Now attach the white plastic piece onto the front of the display over the card reader mount. It should snap in on its own.  Attach the Wise POS credit card reader to the mounting bracket using 2 silver screws on each side.

You will find the power button behind the receipt paper door on the left side.  Please note you will need to pull a bit of the paper through the machine in order to prevent the machine beeping.  Receipts will NOT print here.


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