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The configuration outlined below is useful when the following are true:

  • Your membership program limits the number of free additional guests per visit
  • Your members are using a self-service scanner not monitored by staff to check-in
  • You are worried about members over-using the guest check-in (i.e. admitting more than the allowed free additional guests)

In order to gatekeep the number of guests, you'll need to complete 3 configuration tasks:

  1. Set up an Altru daily admission program and non-$0 price type(s) to use for guest check-in.
  2. Set up Altru discounts to apply to price type(s) added in Step 1.
  3. Update your XTruLink attendant mode.

See below for details on each step. 

Step 1: Altru Program and Price Type Set-Up

In our example, our Demo Membership program has two levels. Level 1 allows members to bring (1) free additional guest. Level 2 allows members to bring in (2) free additional guests.

Here is the program we created in our our demo database to track the free additional guests:

We set up a daily admission program with two non-$0 price types, each corresponding to one of our membership levels. You do not necessarily need to set up an entirely new program, you just need to create specific price types to use at a non-$0 rate. If the number of free additional guests does not change per membership level, you will only need (1) price type.

Step 2: Altru Discount Set-Up

Complete the following discount configuration in Altru for each price type (as needed):

  1. Go to Tickets > Ticket and merchandise discounts
  2. Click Add and select Standard
  3. Give your discount a name
  4. For Selected for use, select Automatically
  5. For Applies to, select Item
  6. For Amount off, select Percent off
  7. Uncheck the box for Applies to merchandise
  8. In the price type selector, add your price type to the list and type 100 for the value
  9. Under Discount restrictions, check the box and type the number of allowed uses (i.e. if 1 additional free guest is allowed, type 1)
  10. Click the Availability tab
  11. Ensure Advance Sales is selected
  12. Add the membership level(s) that apply
  13. Click the Programs tab
  14. Add the Program you created/used in Step 1
  15. Click Save

Below is the discount we set up for Level 1, including screenshots of each configuration tab. We created an identical discount for Level 2, but changed the price type and updated to allow the discount to be applied 2 times

Step 3: Update XTruLink Attendant Mode

Add the price type(s) you created in Step 2 to the Guest Entry Tickets area of the Member Access tab in your XTruLink Attendant Mode. 

What will my customers see if they select a number of guests over the allowed limit?

They will receive an error and will need to scan again. It may be helpful to add signage near your scanner so that guests are clear on the allowed limits. You could also name your price types explicitly to help provide instruction. 

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