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Multiple BBMS accounts can be connected for use in XTruLink. This might be necessary if you need to direct sales to separate bank accounts. Revenue may be funneled based on kiosk and/or online portal. We do not support the ability to direct revenue by application (i.e. membership, donations). However, this can be achieved with the use of multiple online portals and/or kiosks.

Example: Let's say your organization uses Bank Account A for membership and donation revenue, and Bank Account B for ticketing revenue. You might set up your XTruLink system using the diagram below in order to achieve this separation. 

In the example above, Online Portal A is configured to sell only memberships and donations, whereas Online Portal B sells tickets only. Kiosk A and B work similarly. You could add any further number of online portals and/or kiosks as needed. Each terminal could then be configured to route to the appropriate BBMS Account.

Selecting a BBMS Account for Kiosks

This is achieved via credit card reader. Within the BBMS application, you will register each card reader provided by XTruLink under Terminal devices > Register terminals. Once these are configured in BBMS, you will select the reader to pair with each kiosk.

Selecting a BBMS Account for Online Portals

This is achieved within the Web Portal setup. For each web portal you create, you will select the appropriate payment processor. This is accessed via Online Sales > Web Portal > Payment Processor. If you do not have the ability to create multiple online portals in your system, please contact XTruLink Support

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