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When your Template (message content) is prepared, navigate to Messaging > Recurring Messages to configure your automated membership expiration reminder. To start, click Create a Recurring Message. Give your message a name (it might help to use a standard naming convention, such as "Membership Renewal Reminder - Program A"). Then select the delivery method (email or text). Click Continue. 

From the Recurring Message editor, you will configure a few settings:

  1. Title - the name you added during the first step (this can be updated at any time)
  2. Status - check the box for Active when you are ready to start running the message
  3. Email Message - select your template from the dropdown
  4. Type of Recurrence - select Membership Expiration
  5. Program - select Altru program 
  6. Membership Level - select Altru membership level
  7. Auto Renewing Option - decide whether to send your reminder to all memberships, only auto-renewal memberships, or only non-auto-renewing memberships
  8. Send Message - select the time to send the message. This is determined by the time of the event. Currently, messages may only be sent BEFORE membership expiration dates. 
  9. Click Save Changes to save

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