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Custom price lists for program events in Altru must be a subset of the program prices in order to appear on your XTL web portal pages or kiosk products. 

Example Scenario

You have a scheduled program with the following specs:

  • Mondays are for members-only, and you use the Member price type on these events.
  • Tuesdays are for teachers only, and you use the Teacher price type on these events.
  • Wednesday - Friday are for general public, and you use the following price types: Adult, Child, Student, Senior, Member, Member Child

Your program price list (found on the program page in Altru) must include ALL of the following prices in order for your prices to appear properly in XTruLink:

  • Member
  • Member Child
  • Teacher
  • Adult
  • Student
  • Senior

If you set up your web portal page with Standard Flow, then you will see all 6 price types appear during initial ticket selection. The only dates that will appear on the calendar will be those dates that include the selected price types.

If you set up your web portal page with Event List Flow, each event will show the custom price list configured in Altru. 

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