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Recap on member entry: 
Using our Access Control devices, the member entry function allows you to check-in walk-up members who have not pre-reserved tickets online. Through a scan of their card, our system will create a $0 sales order in Altru synced to the member's record. (This is set up in your Attendant Mode).
This walk-up member entry system was designed to be used with a daily admission program. Should you use a scheduled program, the main canned report that will be impacted is the Event Attendance report in Altru. Please see the example and screenshot below for reference.

This example is based on the following assumptions:
  • Attendant Mode A was setup using a daily admission program (Member Admission)
  • Attendant Mode B was setup using a scheduled program (Timed Ticketing)
  • 4 members were scanned in using Attendant Mode A
  • 3 members were scanned in using Attendant Mode B
  • 3 regular tickets for the Timed Ticketing event were purchased online, and 2 of those tickets were scanned in
Key items to note in the screenshot:
  • For Attendant Mode A, the report looks the same as it would if member entry were processed via Daily Sales in Altru (Member Admission)
  • For Attendant Mode B, the report creates a separate line with the same program name (Timed Ticketing), where there is no event time associated with the scans. This is only for those processed via member entry. Tickets bought online and scanned in via our devices will appear on the report as expected next to their designated time slot. 
  • Additionally, under the Sold column, all sold tickets appear under the second Timed Ticketing block, rather than appearing with their corresponding block (i.e. the member entry tickets showing in the first block and the regular tickets showing in the second block). This looks a little weird, but ultimately the numbers still shake out as accurate, with 6 tickets total being sold out of 800 available, and 5 total scans. 
If this particular Altru report (and possible custom queries you have created) are functional with the indicated discrepancies, then it is fine to use a scheduled program with member entry


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