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Version 3.23.0215

Released February 15, 2023

New Features

XTAC Web Application

Navigate to the Access Control module in your XTruLink web application and you will notice a new option: Launch XTAC Web. This new feature will allow you to scan tickets and memberships using a web browser instead of your XTruLink handheld devices. In order to use this app, you will need to procure your own barcode scanners. These could be Bluetooth or USB scanners. 

The XTAC web app is nearly identical to the XTAC mobile app you are already accustomed to using. There should be no need for additional training - just watch the video tutorial below and give it a try! This new feature is a great option for those of you who want to scan XTruLink QR codes at your front desk computers.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

We have revamped our Google Analytics 4 integration. Our knowledgebase article now provides enhanced directions and a new container template that includes the following updates:

  • New custom events such as:
    • login_click - a counter for every time a user clicks the login CTA on the platform
    • scroll_percentage - the percentage of the webpage that a user scrolls into view
    • create_account_click - a counter for every time a user clicks the "create account" button
  • New custom dimensions including user_id, which enables GA4 to track users across devices.
  • Activation of Google Signals. See more information on what this entails here

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