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If you see the error above on your XTL-2700 Payment Kiosk, this means the kiosk is offline. You will need to exit Kiosk Mode first to reconnect the WiFi. Please complete the following steps:

  1. Tap all four corners in a clockwise fashion, starting with the top left. 
  2. When the password screen pops up, enter the password and hit enter. This will close the kiosk application and bring you to the windows login page. If you do not have the password saved, please contact us and reference this article. 
  3. Slide up on the screen to bring open the login prompt, and click on XTL Admin on the bottom right to switch users. Note: If the slide up motion does not bring up the keyboard, please use the Assistive Tools icon in the bottom right corner (middle icon). 
  4. Type in the password and hit enter to log in. If you do not have this password saved, please contact us and reference this article.

 You should now be able to connect to the WiFi network as you would on any Windows device. Be sure to connect to the same network as the associated credit card reader. Once you have reconnected the WiFi, restart the device in order to re-enter Kiosk Mode. 

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