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The Cover the Fees setting allows you to cover your XTruLink transaction and/or credit card processing fees with donations from your customers. These donations can be optional via a popup prompt at checkout or automatically added to the order like a convenience fee. When automatically applied, the fee amount will not be marked as tax deductible.

This option is located via Online Sales > Web Portal within your Web Portal settings on the Cover the Fees tab. If you use multiple web portals, you will need to adjust the settings on each individual portal as needed.

Here is an example we've set up on our demo web portal. 

The settings below are configured to prompt the customer to cover the XTruLink transaction fee while automatically charging the customer the BBMS credit card processing fees. We have not chosen to enable Custom Amount, which allows the customer to opt to cover a partial percentage of the fees. Please see more info on Custom Amounts at the end of this article.

When these settings are applied, the customer will see the BBMS credit card processing fee automatically applied to their cart like this:

When they proceed to checkout and click the Proceed to Payment button, they will then see the prompt to cover the XTruLink transaction fees prior to completing their payment:

When accepted, both fees will be added to the customer's order as a donation, tied to the designation of your choice. This will appear in the master summary block of the sales order receipt like this (the label is customizable):

In Altru, the fees will be applied as donations, like this:

Custom Amounts

You may choose to enable a Custom Amount option when using the prompt method. This allows the customer to cover a portion of the total fees in your prompt. They will have 4 options: 25%, 50%, 75%, or custom amount. Here is what the prompt will look like when custom amount is enabled.

When Cover Partial Amount is selected, the customer will then see this screen:

They may select one of the pre-selected partial amounts, or enter a custom amount. Then they may continue their transaction by selecting Add My Donation.

NOTE: If you set both fee types to the Prompt Method, then the Custom Amount option will use the Donation Designation from your Cover the XTruLink Fees setting. The Credit Card Processing fees designation will be ignored.

Fee Markups

You may choose to add a per-ticket Fee Markup to under the Cover the XTruLink Fees section. This will apply an additional amount to the fee per ticket to the customer. This amount will not be charged to you by XTruLink. The fee mark-up will apply to all non-$0 tickets.

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