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Version 3.23.1011

Released October 11, 2023

New Features

Custom Web Calendar Descriptions

Create custom descriptions for your Web Calendars. If your program descriptions on your web portal are quite lengthy, this is a nice way to give your web calendar a more streamlined appearance. Read more here

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Event Packages now available to sell via Kiosk and MPOS. Enable your event packages for Event Mode products on the Flow tab. 
  • Fixed bug impacting unlinked portal users.
  • Fixed bug causing recurring gifts tab in portal user profiles to not update.
  • Additional options added for donations block at checkout. Find these via the Donations tab in your Web Portal Settings.

Version 3.23.1006

Released October 6, 2023

New Features

Event Packages

In Altru, event packages may be used to sell a series of pre-registered events for a single flat rate. For example, you might set up a weeklong summer camp and group the days together to sell as one event package. (Read more about configuring event packages in Altru here).

You may now sell event packages via your XTruLink web portal. We've set up a few examples for you to explore on our demo site. This added support allows you to sell the packages online, send out specific confirmation messages when an event package is sold, and display event packages on your web calendars. Read more here.

Note: Event Packages are not yet available to sell via kiosk.

Event-Specific Messaging

Send your customers a specific confirmation email immediately after purchase for unique program events with event-specific messaging. This set up is very similar to product-specific messaging, but is set at the program event level via Cloud Setup. Read more here.

Custom Price Types

We now fully support custom price types on your program events! You will see your custom price types (along with your program price types) appear in our system within the web portal settings and kiosk product settings. You may then choose which to enable on your web portal and/or kiosk products. Read more here.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Added support for on-sale period end times for program events 
  • Added "Sold Out" display to web calendars for sold out program events

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