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What are Event-Specific Messages?

These are automated messages that will send immediately after the transaction. These messages will send in addition to your main receipt, they do not replace the receipt. Transactions must occur within XTruLink in order for your Event-Specific message to send. This could be a Web Portal, Kiosk, or MPOS transaction.

Event Specific Messages can be configured to send for the following Altru products:

  • Scheduled programs
  • Pre-registered programs

Once your message Template (message content) is created, Event-Specific Messages are configured via Cloud Setup on the product page. 

How to Configure an Event-Specific Message

  1. Navigate to Cloud Setup > Programs
  2. Find the desired program and click the Edit icon
  3. On the Tasks area in the top-right, click Program Events
  4. Select a month and click Fetch Events
  5. Next to your desired event, click the Actions dropdown
  6. Under Event Messaging, click Update
  7. Select your desired template from the drop-down
  8. Click Save to All Events by Name if your program event repeats (the name must be identical) and you would like this added for each similar event within the program. Click Save to this Event Only to only save for the unique program event.

NOTE: If you also create a Product Specific Message for your program, the event-specific message will override any Product Specific Messages you've created. If you also create an Event-Package specific message for your program, the package message will override both program and event messages. See this article for more information.

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