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All Product Specific Messages are sent at the time of transaction, along with the main sales order receipt. However, when it comes to programs, events, and event packages, there is a hierarchy to consider. 

If you create a Product Specific Message for your program, any event-specific messages will override the program's product specific messages you've created. If you create an event package specific message, the package message will override both program and event messages when the full package is purchased. 

Example Scenario

Let's say you have a program with an event package that allows single day registration. This same program has other non-package events set up in Altru as well. Here is a sample set-up in Altru:

In XTruLink, you set up the following messages:

  1. A product-specific message for the overall program
  2. An event package message for the "Brushstrokes Through Time" page
  3. An event-specific message for the first event in the package series ("Foundations of Art") 
  4. An event-specific message for "Future Lecture #3"

Here is a breakdown of the types of messages that will send for different purchase types:

PurchaseMessage(s) Sent
2 tickets for the entire lecture series, "Brushstrokes Through Time"Message #2 - the event package message
1 ticket for "Future Lecture #1"Message #1 - the program's product-specific message
1 ticket for "Foundations of Art" (the first lecture in the package series only)Message #3 - the event-specific message
1 ticket for "Future Lecture #3"Message #4 - the event-specific message

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