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The Import Tickets feature allows you to import barcodes from another system for scanning via our Access Control handhelds or XTAC Web application. This can be useful when selling tickets via a third party vendor.

The following barcode types will be recognized:

  • Aztec
  • Code39
  • Code39Mod43
  • Code93
  • Code128
  • DataMatrix
  • EAN8
  • EAN13
  • Interleaved2of5
  • ITF14
  • PDF417
  • QR
  • UPCE

Please note: Imported tickets will not display in Altru as a sales order or a scanned ticket. Ticket scans for imported tickets will only appear in XTruLink on the Entry Report.

How to Import Tickets

  1. Navigate to Access Control > Import Tickets
  2. Select Add Ticket Provider
  3. Select Provider Type (at this time, the only option is Manual Import - we do not yet have an automatic sync/integration option)
  4. Enter a Provider Name (this might be something like "Ticketmaster" or "Goldstar")
  5. Click Add Provider
  6. Select your provider from the list on the left
  7. Select Import Tickets under Tasks
  8. Under Code, choose to either upload CSV or select Upload Tickets to copy and paste the barcodes into our system. NOTE: barcodes are case-sensitive.
  9. Select a Program to map the tickets to
  10. Select a Price Type to map the tickets to
  11. If applicable, select a Program Event to map the tickets to
  12. Click Upload Tickets
  13. If your tickets need to be mapped to separate price types, you will need to repeat these steps multiple times

Once the tickets have been uploaded, they will appear on the Entry Report as "SOLD" tickets. They will be marked as "SCANNED" once scanned via our XTAC app on web or mobile. 


The imported tickets below were completed by following the steps above twice: once for the "Adult" tickets and once for the "Child" tickets. None of these tickets have been scanned yet, so you see the status as "Active." 

Once tickets have been scanned, they will be marked as Redeemed and seen on the Entry Report as scanned tickets.

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