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If Altru goes down, XTruLink keeps running! We will continue to take orders via all enabled channels (kiosk, mobile point-of-sale, and web sales). Once Altru is back up, all orders received during the outage will sync over. This could take a bit of time, depending on the length of the outage.

If BBMS goes down, you will still be able to take orders via our mobile point-of-sale devices, which process payments using Stripe instead of BBMS. You may choose to configure your payment kiosks to run via Stripe as well, if you'd like.

If your internet goes down, you do have the option to rely on our mobile point-of-sale devices if you've opted to enable 5G service. 

If all three of the above go down, then our mobile point-of-sale devices are the end-all be-all to keep your business running during a full outage! Without internet, Altru, and BBMS, our MPOS devices can continue selling tickets, memberships, and donations (as long as you've opted to enable 5G service).

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