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Your XTruLink system is connected to Altru via Blackbaud's AppFX API. Data between systems is synced automatically on regular intervals. You do not need to manually sync any data. The data sync processes have been calibrated by our engineering team to strike an optimal balance between system reliability and the data transfer rate limits imposed by your Altru system.

If you have recently made important changes in Altru which need to be synced to XTruLink immediately, you may trigger a data sync manually to run outside the defined schedule for that data module.

To manually run a sync process for a data module (such as program event data):

  1. Navigate to System > Data Sync Manager
  2. Identify your desired data module in the Process Name column
  3. Click Sync Now in the right-hand column

To manually run a sync process for a specific record (such as a specific ticketing program, membership program, discount, or event):

  1. Navigate to Cloud Setup
  2. Select the record type (i.e. Programs)
  3. Select the record (i.e. specific program)
  4. Under the Tasks section on the right, click Sync with Altru

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