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Version 3.22.1117

Released November 17, 2022

New Features

Ticket Limits on Kiosk and Online Sales

Limit the number of tickets purchased per order for an entire program or a specific program event. Ticket limits will apply to Web Portal and Kiosk transactions. They do not apply to MPOS transactions. See our knowledgebase article for detailed instructions.

Donation Kiosk Products

Add a Product (button) to your Kiosk for donations. Your product may include a single designation or a list of multiple designations from your Altru fundraising hierarchy. Read more here.

Messaging Order Conditionals

Use Conditionals in your sales order receipts to only show information when a specific type of item is purchased. Conditionals are available for donations (recurring or one-time gifts) as well as memberships (auto-renewing, non auto-renewing, or gifts). Find out more here.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Change the default receipt option on kiosk from text to email. Find this setting on your kiosk templates under the Main Options tab. 
  • Bypass the program group page on a Kiosk Combo product. This page lists the programs included in the combo. You can now elect to not display this page if desired, creating a more efficient transaction flow. Find this option on the Settings tab of your kiosk product.
  • Added primary address and primary email merge fields to Notifications.
  • Added ability to duplicate an existing message. Complete this action under Tasks on any message template.
  • Added option to make zip code collection optional on kiosk. Find this update on your kiosk templates under the Main Options tab.
  • Added a sort by program and price type for the Transaction Report.
  • Made updates to meet the recommendations for Mastercard's recurring subscription requirements. This includes displaying recurring gifts and membership auto-renewal status on a portal user's profile page, as well as adding the ability to display custom verbiage on the portal user profile page if desired. Find the new profile verbiage option on the Theme page of your web portal settings.
  • Fixed bug causing display issues when custom price types are used on a web portal page under Standard Flow. Please note: when using custom price lists for program events, the event price list MUST be a subset of the program price list. Read more here.
  • Fixed bug causing GTM to stop loading after checkout page.
  • Fixed bug to stop displaying dropped members on membership page.
  • Fixed bug causing font-size discrepancy on kiosk for extra long membership level names.

Version 3.22.1102

Released November 2, 2022

New Features

Online Recurring Gifts

You can now add recurring gift options to any donation page on your web portal. This includes weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual giving schedules. See our knowledgebase article for detailed instructions.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Donation amount added to tax deductible amount on receipt master summary block.
  • Fixed bug causing miscalculated sales tax amounts.
  • XTruLink receipts will now show updated ticket information when tickets are rescheduled in Altru. 

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